Duna chords with lyrics by Gordon Bok - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Gordon Bok – Duna chords

C    G  D  G

D GWhen I was a little lad
C GWith folly on my lips
Em AmFain was I for journeying
D7All the seas in ships
C BmBut I'm weary of the sea wind
C DI'm weary of the foam
Em G DAnd the little stars of Duna
GCall me home
[Instrumental] D C G C D G D [Verse]
GWhen I was a young man
C GBefore my beard was grey
EmAll to seas and islands
Am D7I gave my heart away
CBut now across the Southern swell
BmEvery dawn I hear
C G DThe little streams of Duna
GRunning clear
[Outro] C G D G
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