Gordon Bok – Southern Cross chords

G  Em  C  Bm  C  Em  Am  D
G  Em  C  Bm  G  Am  C  G

Em C BmThere's a light in the distant darkness tonight
C Em Am DSoon we'll be there, tomorrow I swear
G Em C BmMay the light in your heart and your eyes be as bright
G Am C GThis is my silent prayer
C BmSo rest, baby rest, by the shining be blest
Em Bm CNever in shadows lost
Em Bm C BmThis lone holy candle is guiding us on
G C G C GUnder the Southern Cross
Em C BmThere were birds in the twilight, wheeling on high
C Em Am DLike Noah's sign, their freedom was mine
G Em C BmAnd although they were wandering in a strange sky
G Am C GTheirs was the far shoreline
C BmSo hush, baby, hush, in the wing sounding rush
Em Bm CNever in sunset lost
Em Bm C BmThese cloud-dwelling dreamers are guiding us on
G C GUnder the Southern Cross
[Instrumental] G Em C Bm C Em Am D G Em C Bm G Am C G G C Bm Em Bm C
Em Bm C Bm G C G[Verse]
Em C BmAnd this ship has seen glory, heartache and mirth
C Em Am DSunlight and hail, through doldrums and gale
G Em C BmThough she's ten thousand miles from the land of her birth
G Am C GOn through this night we sail
C BmSo sleep, baby, sleep, by the wind and the deep
Em Bm CNever again be tossed
Em Bm C BmThis proud weary traveller's taking us home
G C G Em Bm C BmUnder the Southern Cross
G C GUnder the Southern Cross
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