Gordon Bok – Spell To Bring Lost Creatures Home chords

E  D  E

D AmHome, home, wild birds home
Em BmLark to the grass, wren to the hedge
E D AmRooks to the treetops, swallows to the eaves
Em Bm F# EEagle to its crag, raven to its stone
D E D EWild birds home
D AmHome, home, strayed ones home
Em BmRabbit to burrow, fox to earth
E D AmMouse to the wainscot, rat to the barn
Em Bm F# ECattle to byre, dog to the hearth
D E D EAll beasts home
D AmHome, home, wanderers home
Em BmCormorant to rock, gull from the storm
E D AmCormorant to rock, gull from the storm
Em Bm F# EBoat to harbour, all safe home
D E D EAll safe home
D AmChildren home, at evening home
Em BmBoys and girls, from the roads come home
E D AmOut of the rain, sons come home
Em Bm F# EFrom the gathering dusk, young ones home
D E D EYoung ones home
D AmHome, home, all souls home
Em BmDead to the graveyard, living to the lamplight
E D AmOld to the firelight, girls from the twilight
Em Bm F# EBabe to the breast, heart to its haven
D E D ELost ones home
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