Gordon Kennedy - Coming From Somewhere Else tab

Coming from Somewhere Else
Album: Coming from Somewhere Else
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Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick,
Phil Madeira, & Billy Sprague

(C) 2000 Warner Tamberane Publishing Corp/Sell the
Cow Music (BMI) Universal Music

Tabbed by Giles Bailey Jr.

Drop D tuning

Verse 1: F F Am7 (Repeat Intro) Left to myself, it's not a pretty picture. F F Am7 (Repeat Intro) Me and my will, it's such a deadly mixture. Bb I am first and you're the least, Bb That's the nature of the beast. Chorus: D Am7 G If there's any love, any evidence of, D Am7 Bb If there's any, any good inside myself, E G (Repeat Intro) It's coming from somewhere else. Verse 2: F F Am7 (Repeat Intro) I draw from the well, I drink the living water. F F Am7 (Repeat Intro) I look through the veil; See the mercy of the Father. Bb Leave it to the prince of peace, Bb To change the nature of the beast. Repeat Chorus (I could not hear what the rhythm guitars were doing on this so I just used this to get me into position for the following bridge... it is close.)
Bridge: (switch to 6/8) Gently Bb F Eb Bbe:-6-----1-----|-------------|B:-6-----1-----|-8-----3-----|G:-7-----2-----|-8-----3-----|D:-8-----3-----|-8-----3-----|A:-8-----3-----|-6-----1-----|D:-------------|-------------|
Cm7 Bb Cm7 Bbe:-3-----------|-3-----------|B:-4-----6-----|-4-----3-----|G:-3-----7-----|-3-----3-----|D:-5-----8-----|-5-----3-----|A:-3-----8-----|-3-----1-----|E:-------------|-------------|
Bb F Eb Bb Coming from, coming from somewhere else Cm7 Bb Cm7 Bb Somewhere where there's perfect love Bb F Eb Bb Won't you take me there, take me there - somewhere else? Cm7 F (Repeat Intro) Take me there, Won't you take me there... Ending: Bb I am first and you're the least, Bb Leave it to the prince of peace, Bb To change the nature of the beast. Repeat Chorus Then:
e:-0-------|------12-10-|- 0-|B:-1-3-5-7-|-8-10-12-10-|-13-|G:-0-0-0-0-|-0- 0- 0- 0-|-14-|D:-2-4-5-7-|-9-10-12-10-|-15-|A:-0-------|------------|----|D:---------|------------|- 0-|
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