Gordon Lightfoot – Go My Way tab

GO MY WAY:Gordon Lightfoot.
Top of the charts in '66.

A                  E
Go my way and I'll be good to you,
F#m                C#m
Go my way and your dreams will all come true.
D      Bm7        E
In the sunset the wild waves are callin',
   D                   E
My shadow is followin' you.

A                  E
Go my way and I'll take you by the hand,
F#m                    C#m
Believe in me and I'll do the best I can.
D          Bm7          E
I can't be anything but just what I am,
        D          E                A
I can't help it if I'm in love with you.

G          D                  A         B 
Why must I sail my ship alone without a friend?
G               D         Bm            F#  Bm E 
My thoughts are on you, I dare not ask again.

A                  E
Go my way it's the only way to go.
F#m                                 C#m
If things aren't workin' out you'll be 

the first to know.
D        Bm7        E
Come on along and together we'll go.
       D           E                  A
Please love me and say that you'll be mine. 



A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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