Gordon Lightfoot – The Pony Man chords

Gordon Lightfoot

                      THE PONY MAN

G C GWhen it's midnight on the meadow and the cats are in the shed
C D D7And the river tells a story at the window by my bed
G C G If you listen very closely be as quiet as you can
C D G In the yard you'll hear him it is the pony man.
G C GWe're always there to greet him when he tumbles into town
C D D7 He leads a string of ponies some are white and some are brown
G C G And they never seem to kick or bite they only want to play
C D G And they live on candy apples instead of oats and hay.
G C GAnd when we're all assembled he gives a soft command
C D D7 And we climb aboard our ponies as in a row they stand
G C G Then down the road we gallop and across the fields we fly
C D G And soon we all go sailing off into the midnight sky.
G C G And as we gaily rock along beside a ripplin' sea
C D D7There's Tom 'n Dick 'n Sally and Mary Joe and me
G C G And the pony man is leading cause he's travelled here before
C D G And he gives a whoop and a holler at Mr. Moon's front door.
G C G And as we stop to rest a while where the soda river glides
C D D7 Up to the slip comes a pirate ship to take us for a ride
G C G And the pony man's the captain and the children are the crew
C D G And we go in search of treasure and laugh the whole night through.
G C GAnd when the hold is filled with gold and the sails begin to strain
C D D7 And the deck's piled high with apple pie we head for port again
G C G And down the whirling staircase so swift our ponies fly
C D GAnd we're safely in our beds again when the sunbeams kiss the sky.
Repeat First Verse
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