Gordon Lightfoot - Ribbon Of Darkness chords

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Ribbon Of Darkness Over Me chords
Gordon Lightfoot

Capo I *

C G G7 C C7 F C G C

C G Ribbon of darkness over me
G7 CSince my true love walked out the door
C7 FTears I never had before
C G CRibbon of darkness over me
C GClouds a-atherin' o'er my head
G7 CThat kill the day and hide the sun
C7 FThat shroud the night when day is done
C G CRibbon of darkness over me
Dm CRain is falling on the meadow
Dm CWhere once my love and I did lie
Dm CNow she is gone from the meadow
Dm Em F GMy love goodbye
C GRibbon of darkness over me
G7 CWhere once the world was young as spring
C7 FWhere flowers did bloom and birds did sing
C G CRibbon of darkness over me
Dm CHere in this cold room lyin'
Dm CDon't want to see no one but you
Dm CLord I wish I could be dyin'
Dm Em F GTo forget you
C GOh how I wish your heart could see
G7 CHow mine just aches and breaks all day
C7 FCome on home and take away
C G CThis ribbon of darkness over me
* Alternate: Capo IV C = A G = E G7 = E7 C7 = A7 F = D Dm = Bm Em = C#m Set8 http://sites.google.com/site/guitarmusicchordsandlyrics/
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