Gordon Lightfoot – The Watchmans Gone chords

Capo 2nd Fret (chords not relative to capo)

Intro: G, D, F, C, G

G D CJust like birds of a feather
G EmWe too have followed the golden sun
G DIt feels so good,
F C G Knowin' the watchman's gone
G D CIf I give you a rose, buddy
G EmWould you please bury it in the fields?
G DI seen a rose
F C GWatchin' it all fold out
There's a train down at the station It's come to carry my bones away Two engines on Twenty-one coaches long End to end Twenty-one coaches bend The watchman's out Kickin' the bums about If I wait for the right moment You can bet I'll climb aboard unseen I've done it before I know I can do it in my sleep The watchman's out Kickin'the bums about The watchman's out Kickin' your dreams about As I leave you in the sunset Got one more nothin' I'd like to say "You don't know me A son of the sea am I" As I say to you, my brother If you live to follow the golden sun You better beware Knowin' the watchman's always there If you find me feedin' daisies Please turn my face up to the sky And leave me be Watchin' the moon roll by Whatever I was You know it was all because I've been on the town Washin' the bullshit down The watchman's out Kickin' your dreams about It feels so good Knowin' the watchman's gone It's like a song Knowin' the watchman's gone
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