Gordon Lightfoot - Approaching Lavender tab

			Approaching Lavender - Gordon Lightfoot
Tabbed by:Travis

Fingerpicked intro in dropped d tuning and capo on 2nd fret:e|---------------------|B|------3----3---3-----|G|---------2-----------|D|---0---0----0---0----|A|-----0----3---2------|D|-0-------------------|X4
The dropped D tuning is pretty much just necessary for the fingerpick intro, and the way to play the rest of the rhythm part of the song is with the following chords and a capo the 4th fret in standard tuning.. G/C: 320013 Cmaj7:032000 C Cmaj7 C7 F If you'd like to spend the afternoon approaching lavender Fm C You'll feel just fine but one thing's sure G/C You'll never be the same C Cmaj7 C7 F If you'd like to try your hand at understanding lavender Fm C Then you must be very sure G/C That life is not a game C Cmaj7 C7 F You might even learn a thing or two approaching lavender Fm C You'll soon be on a one night tour G/C Forgetting your own name Same chords throughout...
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