Gorillaz - We Are Happy Landfill tab

This is my very first tab and I'm only 14 so don't be too hard on me.   =]
If you have any corrections feel free to correct

Intro and goes through the whole song(first guitar)e|---------------------------|b|---------------------------|g|-5--7-7--5-5--7-7--5-5-5-5-|d|-5--7-7--5-5--7-7--5-5-5-5-|a|-3--5-5--3-3--5-5--3-3-3-3-|e|---------------------------|and do over again and again and again
verse 2nd guitar|-------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------||-7---------------5-5-5-----7---------5-5-5-||-x---------------x-x-x-----x---------x-x-x-||-5-(like 28x's?)-3-3-3-----5(14 x's)-3-3-3-||-------------------------------------------| just listen and you'll get it
-repeat a couple of times(like three), then when 2D starts singing hit this
|-----------------------------||-----------------------------||-7----------5---------4-3-2--||-x----------x---------x-x-x--||-5-(16 x's)-3-(8 x's)-2-1-0--||-----------------------------| do this twice play around a bit then come back with a pick slide
|----------------------------||----------------------------||-7----------5---------4-3-2-||-x----------x---------x-x-x-||-5-(16 x's)-3-(8 x's)-2-1-0-||----------------------------|play twice
chorus(im not sure about this so i just took a shot )
|-------------------------||-------------------------||-------------------------||-5----------2-2-2---7----||-5----------2-2-2---7----||-3-(16 x's)-0-0-0---5(16-| x's)
then play the WHOLE thing again please comment and rate
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