Gorillaz - Empire Ants chords

Artist: Gorillaz feat. Little Dragon
Song: Empire Ants
Album: Plastic Beach

Capo 1

G6: 320000
A6: x04222 or 5446xx
D:  xx0232 or xx4232
Bm: x24432 or 7x07xx

Intro: G6 A6 G6 D x2

G6 A6Oh, joys arise, the sun has come again to hold you
G6 DSailing out the doldrums of the week
G6 A6The polyphonic prayer is here, it's all around you
G6 D It's all around you out here
G6 A6And if the whole world is crashing down on you
G6 A6Fall through space, out of mind completely
G6 A6Where the emptiness we leave behind on warm air rising
G6 A6 Those are the shadows far away
G6 A6The falling of the whole empire, it's here to hold you
G6 A6Rolling out and haunted till it sinks
Bm A6 x4
Bm Little memories
A6 Your little feet working the machine
Bm Will it spin? Will it soar?
A6 My little dream working the machine
BmSoothe like a wave
A6 It passes far
Bm Closing in on the moon
A6 From where we are
Bm A6 x4
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