Gorillaz – Crystalised chords

Left handed
Well, this song is a cover of The XX, Gorillaz played this song in BBC 1 Radio Live 
Lounge. I hope you like it is very easy to play!!! Un abrazo desde Mexico.


Em You've applied the pressure
Bm A To have me crystalised
Em And you've got the faith
Bm A Em That I could bring paradise
I'll forgive and forget
Bm A Before I'm paralyzed
Em Do I have to keep up the pace
Bm A To keep you satisfied
Em Bm A Oh!!! X2
Em You don't move slow
Bm A Taking steps in my directions
Em The sound resounds, echo
Bm A Does it lessen your affection
Em Bm A No X2
Em You say I'm foolish
Bm A For pushing this aside
Em But burn down our home
Bm A I won't leave alive
Em Glaciers have melted to the sea
Bm A I wish the tide would take me over
Em I've been down on my knees
Bm A And you just keep on getting closer
Em Bm A Oh!!! X4
by dacheto: dacheto@hotmail.com
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