Gorillaz - California And The Slipping Of The Sun chords

From the album "The Fall". A beautiful western-like song.
I did this by ear. Any problems, email me: lkztadeu -at- hotmail -dot- com

Bb C#m California
D# Dan ocean now I come again before you
Aball alone with you
F#min the slipping of the sun
Bb C#mset on dreamers
D# Drepeats the faithful ones again
Ablike water of the mountains that
F#mit's the slipping of the sun...
in the Speak It! speech, guitar synth: F(sorry, I dont know the violins)
After it, bass synth: Bb C#mE|------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-111-111-111-111---444-444-444-444--------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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