Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes chords

			     Rhinestone Eyes - Gorillaz
Tabbed by: Myself
Email: cpochie92@gmail.com

Tuning: Standard

An excellent track off of the latest official album by the Gorillaz, Plastic Beach. 
My tab is based off of the studio version, as well as the AOL live session.


This is the acoustic guitar riff- fingerpick it to achieve the understated effect. 

Bbm Abme|-------------------|-------------------|B|-------------------|-------------------|G|---10---6---8---6--|--6---8---6---5----|D|----8---8---8---8--|--8---8---8---8----|A|-------------------|-------------------|E|-------------------|-------------------|
--Chorus-- Doubles the bass for the rhythm part; played during the third and fourth measures of the chorus.
Ebm Bbm (Bb5) (Bb5)e|-----------|B|-----------|G|--3---3-3--| x2D|--3---3-3--|A|--1---1-1--|E|-----------|
Fm7 Bbm Fm7 Bbm (Bb5)/(Eb5) (Db5) (Bb5) (Eb5) (Db5) (Bb5) e|-----------------------------|--------------------------|B|-----------------------------|--------------------------|G|---3/8--8--8--8-6---3--3--6--|--8--8--8--8-6---3--3--6--|D|---3/8--8--8--8-6---3--3--6--|--8--8--8--8-6---3--3--6--|A|---1/6--6--6--6-4---1--1--4--|--6--6--6--6-4---1--1--4--|E|-----------------------------|--------------------------|
There are other keyboard bits as well, but as far as guitar goes, this is genuinely all there is to the song. Cheers!
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