Gorillaz - Stylo tab version 4

There's quite a few other Stylo tabs on UG, but I decided there should be one with a 
more alto pitch to accompany the more low-pitched ones to be played together. I've included 
the essential parts of the song in 3 riffs:

Intro Chorus|-------------------------4-3-----| |-------------------44-3----||-1--1-1--1--1-1--1--1-1------6-4-| |-4-66--4-66--4-66------6-4-||---------------------------------|X11 |---------------------------|X5|---------------------------------| |---------------------------||---------------------------------| |---------------------------||---------------------------------| |---------------------------|
Hope this sounds good to you! If it doesn't, please contact me and complain about how much this sucks. Improvement ideas are better, though. :3
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