Gorillaz – Hong Kong chords ver. 2

Hong Kong

Intro: (Play until verse)
G/B - A6

G/B A6Lord hear me now
A/C# Am/C G/BJunk boats and English boys
G ACrashing out in super marts
G AElectric fences and guns
G/B A6You swallow me
A/C# Am/C G/BI'm a pill on your tongue
G AUp here on the nineteenth floor
G AThe neon lights make me come
Cmaj7/E D6 And late in a star's life
A/C# Am/C It begins to explode
Cmaj7/E D6 And all the people in a dream
A/C# Am/C Wait for the machine
A/C# Am/C G/B A6 To pick the shit up, leave it clean
G/B - A6 (Play until verse)
G/B A6Kid, hang over here
A/C# Am/C G/B What you learning in school?
G A Is the rise of an Eastern sun
G AGonna be good for everyone?
G/B - A6 (Play until chorus)
Cmaj7/E D6 The radio station disappears
A/C# Am/C Music turning to thin air
Cmaj/E D6 The DJ was the last to leave
A/C# Am/C She had well conditioned hair,
A/C# Am/C G/B A6 was beautiful, but nothing really was there
NOTE: In the end of the song the whole idea of chords is kind of abandoned, but if you had to play something, just play G/B - A6 throughout the rest of the song.
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