Gorillaz - November Has Come tab version 1

Artist- The Gorillaz
Song- November has come/ track 9
Album- Demon Days

Tabbed by Alex/ Tool_fan

   Good Band that doesnt get near as much credit as they should. Heres one of the cool 
pieces that stood out-

e---------------------------------------|b--0-12-0-----------0-12-0--------------| Hammer on pull off is onequickg---------------------------------------| motion.d-----------7-7-7----------7-7-7-7h8p7--|a---------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------|
The wierd "zipping" sound is made by placing the index finger on the seventh fret of the string and quicky sliding up to the 19th fret and letting it go. The movement kind of throwing something. And also in the back ground along with the zipping you can hear the7h8p7.
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