Gorillaz - Fire Coming Out Of The Monkeys Head tab

it's not a difficult song but i enjoyed jamming along with it and doing the 

throughout the whole song (funkyness) play:e--5------5-5----|B--5------5-5----|G--5------5-5----|repeat in infinity, turn the music UP
1st chorus, arpeggiate thise-5---3---1---3-|B-5---3---1---3-|G-5---4---2---4-|D-7---5---3---5-|A-7---5---3---5-|E-5---3---1---3-|repeat a few times
2nd chorus, arpeggiate this!e-5---3---1---3---1---3---5---1---3---8---3---1------0------|B-5---3---1---3---1---3---5---1---3---8---3---1------0------|G-5---4---2---4---2---4---6---2---4---9---4---2------1------|D-7---5---3---5---3---5---5---3---5---10--5---3------2------|A-7---5---3---5---3---5---7---3---5---10--5---3------2------|E-5---3---1---3---1---3---5---1---3---8---3---1------0------|
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