Gorillaz - Fire Coming Out Of A Monkeys Head tab

Finger Picking Pattern:

Gorillaz - Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head
Tabbed by Sebastian Reeve
August 6, 2005

Finger style: Am G Am G etc....E|------------------------------------------------------|B|------1------------0------------1-------------0-------|G|------2---2---------0---0---------2---2--------0---0--|D|----2---2---------0---0---------2---2--------0---0----|A|--0--------------------------0------------------------|E|---------------03-----------3-------------03----------|
Falling out of Aeroplanes and Hiding out in holes..
Am E F EE|------------------------------------------------------|B|------1------------0------------1------------0--------|G|------2---2--------1---1--------2---2--------1---1----|D|----2---2--------2---2--------3---3--------2---2------|A|--0---------------------------------------------------|E|--------------0------------1------------0-------------|
oh little town soon you'll see the time has come to see..
F E A7 etc....E|------------------------------------------------------|B|------1------------0------------2------2-------2------|G|------2---2--------1---1------------0-----0-----0-----|D|----3---3--------2---2--------2---2-----2-------------|A|---------------------------0--------------------------|E|-1------------0----------0----------------------------|
theres nothing you believe you waaant.. -------------------------------------------------------- Am G Am G Falling out of aeroplanes and hiding out in holes, Am G Am G waiting for the sunset to come people going home. Am G Am G Jump out from behind them and shoot them in the head, Am G Am G now everyone is dancing the dance of the dead, Am G the dance of the dead, Am G Am G the daaaaaaaance of the dead. Am E F E oh little town soon you'll see the time has come to see F E A7 theres nothing you believe you want F E but where were you, Am G F when it all, came down, on me E Am did you call me out
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