Gorka John – Raven In The Storm tab

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From: steidlr@ccmail.orst.edu (Bob Steidl)

	Raven In the Storm

	written by John Gorka and Geoff Bartley
	performed by John Gorka from "Land of the Bottom Line"

	He plays this with a capo on the 1st fret (or tunes up).
	I've chorded it as if played in the first position.

Intro:	Em D C D (4x)

|-------------------------------------| h = hammer on |-------------------------------------| |----5-h353----0----------------------| Played with |-3----------5---3---6--h565--0--2----| capo on 1st fret |----------------------------------3--| Solo is similar |-------------------------------------|Verse:
Em D C D I'm the latest apparition Em D C D Cutting slices in the night Em D C D I come through without permission Em D C D Moving in and out of sight I'm the tapping on your shoulder I'm the raven in the storm I'll take shelter in your rafters I'm the shiver when you're warm Chorus: G D I'm the gold in California C D I'm the well in Mexico G D Like the vultures in the valley C I will wait for you to go Em D C D (4x) I'm the gypsy in your pocket I'm the horseman in your dreams I'm the reason dogs are barking I'm the hand that stops the scream I'm the baby's cry that isn't I am the distant relative I'm the scratching in the ceiling I'm advice you shouldn't give Chorus: I'm the ghost of a traveling salesman My foot will be there in your door Though I can walk through walls and windows I will knock just like before I'm the darkness in your daughter I'm the spot beneath the skin I'm the scarlet on the pavement I am the broken heart within Chorus: I won't take a train to nowhere I will not touch just anyone Ask a stranger why I'm waiting In the chamber of a gun Hint: At first, the strum pattern in the Verse/Intro seemed somewhat awkward. Hitting all the "D" chords on the UP stroke rather than the DOWN stroke seems right. Bob Steidl
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