Gospel Music - Gamophobia chords

Gospel Music feat. Shirley Simms (The Magnetic Fields)


A, D, F#m, D

AIf you want to see the bottom of the sea
D F#mI'll steal a submarine
AIf you want a farm in South Dakota
D F#mHoney, I'll start planting seeds
E DI'll grow you a thousand kinds of fruit
Just stop asking me to marry you A, D, F#m, D x2
AIf you miss the friend you had in Jesus
D F#mI'll sing you all those gospel hymns
AIf you'd rather hear something more exotic
D F#mI'll study violin
E DAnd learn the work of Tchaikovsky
Just stop asking for a wedding ring A, D, F#m, D x2
F#mThree-layer cake and a posy bouquet
AWhat's the hurry, honey? Can't we keep it this way?
F#m EOh, for fuck's - so long as you stay a gamophobe,
D CThese hips are in escrow
AIf you want to set foot on the moon
D F#mI'll be your Jack Kennedy
AAnd if you want to drink yourself to death
D F#mBaby, I'll build a brewery
E DWe'll fade away, warm and making spoons
Just stop asking me to marry you www.gospelmusicfla.com
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