Gotthard – What Can I Do chords

AIn my thoughts , you’re there as ever
AIn my dreams, we stay together
ASee your face in every place I go
AAnd here I stand, the great pretender
ABorrowed times, I do remember
AI need you more than you will ever know
Bm EI do complain
Bm ETo live without your love’s to live In vain
AWhat can I do to make you love me
AWhat can I say to make you smile
Bm Won’t you gimme that sign I’m waiting after
E Don’t turn away don’t turn away
AHow will I know this is the right time
AHow will I feel this is the right place
BmI’m walking on fire forever, after
ESo what do ya say what do ya say
ATell me what do ya say
Verse II I 'll be the one for you to lean on Fill your mind with things to dream on One step away to catch you when you fall You and I , today, tomorrow Trust your heart and what will follow Feel the love I’m dying to give to you I do complain To live without your love’s to live in vain What can I do... Solo A A Bm E
AWhat will it take to make things right
A BmWhat can I do to change your mind
EGotta find a way to get to you
Refrain and fade out Don't turn away... :)
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