Graham Coxon – Bitter Tears tab ver. 2

riff Why no pills today? Bitter tears Seven AM, and wasting away, bitter tears Why no knock on my door? Bitter tears Why did I come here for? Bitter tears riff How much do you need? Bitter tears Give me love and see me bleed, bitter tears Please don't hurt me tonight, bitter tears I've lost the will to fight, bitter tears F G A Bb F c G It's our intimacy that I'm missing you see Bb F A When there's no-one around Bb F c G Our intimacy is what's missing for me Bb F A Bb riff If I go then I'll go clean, bitter tears Making love in silent dreams, bitter tears Burn the books of history, bitter tears Build a home for you and me, bitter tears
soloe------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------7--7Ā—7Ā—8Ā—7--5/8 vibrato--|GĀ—7--7--5--4h5p4--0------------------------------|D--------------------7---------------------------|A------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------|
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