Graham Coxon – Yeah Yeah tab

Band - Graham Coxon                       Key: Hammer On     h
Song - Yeah Yeah                          Key: Pull Off      p

Standard Tuning EADGBe

Hello this is one of grahams new songs off his new albums coming out,
so thought id get a tab put up.
I saw him at glastonbury last week which was absolutly quality and he actually played 
this second to last.

So just the chords here and the little hammer on bit.
The strumming is quite swingy so lots of up and down strokes.

e ------------2--0-----------2--0-------------|B -------2-22-220102--2-2-22-220102-----------|G -------2-22-320002--2-2-22-320002-----------|D -------2-22-420202--2-2-22-420202-----------|A -------0-00-400300--0-0-00-400300-----------|E ----02------2--3---2-------2--3-------------|This is the main riff through the whole song.Its Basically Just - A F# A C A
On the verse he plays the A as a Bar chord and then back to the riff. Something like this.
e --5-5555-55-5-5555-55-5-5555--5-5555-55-5---|B --5-5555-55-5-5555-55-5-5555--5-5555-55-5---|G --6-6666-66-6-6666-66-6-6666--6-6666-66-6---|D --7-7777-77-7-7777-77-7-7777--7-7777-77-7---|A --7-7777-77-7-7777-77-7-7777--7-7777-77-7---|E --5-5555-55-5-5555-55-5-5555--5-5555-55-5---|
Then theres the second part of the verse where he plays a D Chord and back to the riff again. Something like this.
e -2-2222-22-2-2222-22-2-2222-22-2--2222-22-2---|B -3-3333-33-3-3333-33-3-3333-33-3--3333-33-3---|G -2-2222-22-2-3333-33-3-2222-22-2--2222-22-2---|D -0-0000-00-0-0000-00-0-0000-00-0--0000-00-0---|A -0-0000-00-0-0000-00-0-0000-00-0--0000-00-0---|E -2-2222-22-2-2222-22-2-2222-22-2--2222-22-2---|
On the second time of playing the D it then goes to an E chord and then to the riff. He plays the E chord with this shape.
e -0-0000-00-0---| And thats just the same strumming Until it goes back toB -0-0000-00-0---| 1st Riff again.G -9-9999-99-9---|D -9-9999-99-9---|A -7-7777-77-7---|E -0-0000-00-0---|
And thats pretty much it theres a few variations of the same things throughout the song but just listen and you will see. Hope that helps Cheers!
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