Graham Kendrick – How Much Do You Think Youre Worth chords

Left handed
G7 C E7/G#Is a rich man worth more than a poor man?
Am FA stranger worth less than a friend?
Bdim7 C#dim7 Is a baby worth more than an old man?
F/C GYour beginning worth more than your end?
C E7/G#Is a president worth more than his assassin?
Am FDoes your value decrease with your crime?
Bdim7 C#dim7 Like when Christ took the place of Barabbas
F/C GWould you say he was wasting his time?
F C AmWell, how much do you think you are worth, boy?
Dm GWill anyone stand up and say?
F G C AmWould you say that a man is worth nothing
F GUntil someone is willing to pay?
G7 C E7/G#I suppose that you think you matter
Am FWell, how much do you matter to whom?
Bdim7 C#dim7 It's much easier at night when with friends and bright lights
F/C GThan much later alone in your room
G7 C E7/G#Do you think they'll miss one in a billion
Am FWhen you finish this old human race?
Bdim7 C#dim7 Does it really make much of a difference
F/C GWhen your friends have forgotten your face?
G7 C E7/G#If you heard that your life had been valued
Am FThat a price had been paid on the nail
Bdim7 C#dim7 Would you ask what was traded,
F/CHow much and who paid it
GWho was He and what was His name?
G7 C E7/G#If you heard that His name was called Jesus
Am FWould you say that the price was too dear?
Bdim7 C#dim7 Held to the cross not by nails but by love
F/C GIt was you broke His heart, not the spear!
G#dim7 AmWould you say you are worth what it cost Him?
F GYou say 'no', but the price stays the same.
F Fmaj7If it don't make you cry, laugh it off, pass Him by,
F6 Fmaj7But just remember the day when you throw it away
F G CThat He paid what He thought you were worth.
Em F C
F C AmHow much do you think He is worth, boy?
Dm GWill anyone stand up and say?
F G C AmTell me, what are you willing to give Him
F GIn return for the price that He paid?
F G C Am F G C
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