Graham Lindsey – Matchbook Song tab

Matchbook Song
Graham Lindsey
capo IV

This ain’t no love song
This ain’t organized and scripted happenstance
This ain’t no ordinary radio selling straining for amends
C             B/G          Am   B/G
It ain’t this and it ain’t that
C                                                 G
This ain’t no sideshow striped out college vomit dance
            F       C
It’s just a song

This ain’t Kansas and this ain’t Maine
This ain’t the stuffing in a scarecrow wearing nothing but the rain
This ain’t no cheap and dismal trick or treat di-ag-nosed in a day
              C     B/G     Am  B/G
It’s what you want, so you say
C                                             G 
If you need something more then I’ll be on my way
          F         C
It’s just song

Chorus I
So here’s your posies, here’s my tray
      Am                                        G
What I hope we live long enough to see a better day

This ain’t forever, there’s no such thing
This ain’t no frantic rag a-waiving for attention in my dreams
This ain’t political masturbation masquerading as a theme
Ain’t no psychology blowjob for a scream
It could be you or it could be me
But it’s just a song

Chorus II
So here’s your hook and he’s my line
I apologize, I couldn’t kill enough to you with rhyme

Am                                        G
But I promise while these words may not resound
C                                       G
I’ll always be here even if my heart is wrong
F                C
With just a song


When we are strangers 
and there ain’t no better place that we can go
This ain’t no sensational and cataclysmic centuries show
No high tech prophecy of doom or gold
I’m  only trying find the right road
It’s just a song

Chorus III
So here’s the hook and here’s my line
There ain’t nothing at the end, but it’s sinking all the time

Well this can’t be the only way back down
But it’s the only way I’ve got to reach the ground
With just this song
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