Gram Parsons – Streets Of Baltimore chords


Intro F

F Bb F BbWell I sold the farm to take my woman where she longed to be
C Bb FWe left our kin and all our friends back there in Tennessee
F Bb F BbAnd I bought those one way tickets she had often begged me for
C FAnd they took us to the streets of Baltimore
C FWell her heart was filled with gladness when she saw those city lights
F CShe said the prettiest place on earth was Baltimore at night
F Bb F BbWell a man feels proud to give his woman what she's longing for
C FAnd I kind of like the Streets of Baltimore
break : F Bb F Bb C C F
F Bb F BbThen I got myself a factory job, I ran an old machine
C Bb FAnd I bought a little cottage in a neighborhood serene
F Bb F BbAnd every night when I'd come home with every muscle sore
C FShe'd drag me through the Streets of Baltimore
C FWell I did my best to bring her back to what she used to be
F CThen I soon learned she loved those bright lights more than she loved me
F Bb F BbNow I'm a-going back on that same train that brought me here before
C FWhile my baby walks the streets of Baltimore
C FWhile my baby walks the streets of Baltimore
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