Grand Funk Railroad – Feelin Alright tab ver. 2

Hey, this is my first tab posting and sorry but I am going to be a bit of a rambler on
one. Let's not forget that this is not an original Grand Funk Railroad song, either. And
version is even in a different key and more complex than the original so don't feel like 
have to nail it the way these guys did... although that's kind of what I'm already
to do.

So I've listened to this song quite a bit and wasn't satisfied with the (few) online
that I found so I decided to just try and carve it out of the guitar myself. I'm positive
what I have here is correct, although there is a blank spot in the first solo, maybe the 
as well. If you can figure it out, let me know!

Grand Funk Railroad

Feelin Alright

The guitar part for this is actually a little bit simpler, but I'm just a guy with a
trying to do the bass and the guitar parts. The guitar in the song only does the D chord
the C to B move. (this is a challenge to sing and play you just have to work at it.)

This part is played as the intro and for the 2 verses

D D C C B each time it stops hold the D-----------------------|-----7\----7-5----5-4--|-----7\----7-5----5-4--|-----7\----7-5----5-4--|--5--5\--0-5-3--0-3-2--|-----------------------|
(\ = slide down) Play that as many times as it goes and on the last part "Somebody locked the door and took the key" hold and strum the C chord and then we go the chorus... Chorus
D7 F# slides up to G----------|--7-------|--5--3/4--|--7--4/5--|--5--4/5--|-----2/3--|
The part where he sings really high is hard to do, and i think it's kind of essential the song. I usually just do a harmony to the voice or act kind of goofy for a few seconds. then the first solo starts out something like this... Solo #1
Let the note on the 8h fret ring so you can hear it slide with the other slide. (this is minor 7th chord shape by the way if that helps you out.)
-------------------------------------------------|-----------------8-\----8-\----8-\----8-10p8--8--|--5-5-5-5-5-5-------------------------------10-7-|--------------7/9-9\ 7/9-9\-7/9-9\-7/9-----------|-------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------|
This is where it gets nuts. This part is still quite sketchy for me but it's my hopes someone will be able to lend a helping ear in my direction for the final pieces. If you're it with your friends you can pretty much do whatever though and nobody will care. Just act like you're going crazy and it will at least look cool. I think this is the funky chord that the solo ends on
And then back to the chorus (Feelin' alright) C7 F#/G My neighbor Zack says that one or more of these solos is in a Dm scale, though that really help me very much. Might help you. 2nd solo: Use string bends as much as you can on this first part, but don't bend them more than a step. And also use vibratos. That's where you jiggle the string your playing with your hand.
Theres a lot of dancing around in that part that I skipped over as well, because I just know it exact enough to write it out. Good luck and keep that train a' rollin. Boogy on my boogy eaters.
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