Grand Funk Railroad – Upsetter tab

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FROM: Lukas Lechner, Woergl, Austria
DATE: 12 Aug 2001
ARTIST: Grand Funk Railroad
SONG: Upsetter
ALBUM: E Pluribus Funk, 1972

		writtten by Mark Farner

Intro:   I think it's something with C and D but I'm not sure

when it gets heavier:

G  G-Bb Bb-B-C-G  --> C      (means slide up to C at the 8th fret)

G  C  G   C 		(here again: first C at 3rd fret, second at 8th)

G		C
She's a real upsetter,
             G   		  C
Least she's tryin' to all of the time, yeah.
G                      C
You know I just won't let her,
G 		     C        G  	G   C   G   C
Break this heart of mine, yeahhh ... yeah, yeah, yeah,...

Verse: (same pattern)

I got hip to her, yeah, right away boys,
But my heart just led me along, yeah.
I'm gonna' slip right away boys,
'Cause I don't want to sing this song, all night looooooong-oh, yeah.

   G  B  C C# D *

*riff:e-----------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------------|D----12-12--10h12-12-12-----12-10h12-12-12------|A-----------------------10-----------------10---|E-----------------------------------------------|h...hammer on
Chorus: C-D C G C-D means play C and slide up to D
Upsetter, got me layin' awake all night.C-D G
Upsetter, like to make me cry, yeah.C-D G
Upsetter, got me layin' awake all night.C-D G G-Bb Bb-B-C-G CUpsetter, I'd be better to die.
Verse: She'll be sorry when I leave her, She just won't know what to say, yeah. I can't hardly wait to leave her, I guess I'll be on my way, yeahhh ... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeh-yeah. G B C C# D *
Chorus again for the part with the harmonica just change between G and C Use chorus chords pattern for ending part Upsetter! Upsetter! Upsetter! etc. Yes, this really rocks!!! This is the first song by Grand Funk that I heard. Quite good beginning! :-) Corrections, questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome, just e-mail me! __________________________________________________________ |"Won't you tell me, where have all the good times gone?" | | -Ray Davies, 1965 | | | |You can hardly listen to today's music, if you can call | |it music at all. | |_________________________________________________________|
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