Grand Funk Railroad – Please Dont Worry tab

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ARTIST: Grand Funk Railroad
SONG: Please Don't Worry
ALBUM: Grand Funk (Red Album), 1969
FROM: Lukas Lechner, Woergl, Austria
DATE: Nov 17 2001

writtten by Mark Farner

used chords:

   C5   C    C#5  Bb5   F    Eb

Intro: C5 C#5 C5 Bb5 2 times then: C F Eb C --- | C F Eb Bb C | |----- VERSE CHORDS PATTERN C F Eb C | | C F Eb Bb C --- NOTE: you can simplify it by playing the 2nd and 4th chord line like the 1st and the 3rd one. Verse (play with verse chords pattern): If somebody tells you "Look out, boy, That stuff you're doin's way too strong." Pay them no mind, Just give 'em time, Keep your head, you can't do no wrong Chorus: C F C C Bb Eb Bb Bb
e----------------------------------------------------------------|B----5h6---5----5----------------------3h4---3---3---------------|G----5-5---5----5----------------------3-3---3---3---------------|D----5h7---5----5----------------------3h5---3---3---------------|A------------5---------------------------------3-----------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------| Please don't worry, 'bout no jury
[h...hammer on] NOTE: for the hammer ons, bar your index finger on the C F C C Bb Eb Bb Bb C5 strings D, G and B
e--------------------------------------------------------------|B----5h6---5----5----------------------3h4---3---3-------------|G----5-5---5----5----------------------3-3---3---3-------------|D----5h7---5----5----------------------3h5---3---3---------10--|A------------5---------------------------------3-----------10--| ... play first part ofE----------------------------------------------------------8---| the intro again There's so many, of us anyway (C5 C#5 C5 Bb5 2 times)
C F Eb C C F Eb Bb C C F Eb C C F Eb Bb C Verse: If somebody tries to bust you, 'Cause you had their daughter late last night, Don't get me wrong, But you must be strong, And you just can't get uptight Chorus again plus first part of intro (solo over that) then fast part (I like most): play 8 times very fast: C Bb F
C F Eb C C F Eb Bb C C F Eb C C F Eb Bb C Verse: If somebody says you look funny, 'Cause the way you dress to them ain't right, Say "Hey can't you see, you look funny to me!" But I'm just tryin' to be polite. Chorus again | plus first part of intro |---------3 times for the outro, play chorus slowly, hold Bb and freak to end with C. I know why I like Grand Funk... _________________________________________________________ For corrections, questions, comments and suggestions | e-mail me at | ________________________________________________________| "Won't you tell me, where have all the good times gone?"| -Ray Davies, 1965 | ________________________________________________________| "...enjoy a time when rock was still about making music | for fun, not money for corporations." | ________________________________________________________|
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