Grandaddy – Hes Simple Hes Dumb Hes The Pilot tab

"He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's The Pilot" by Grandaddy
from the album "The Sophtware Slump" (2000)

* 	note that verses 1 and 4 are originally played by a keyboard instrument of some kind,
	so you have to listen to the song to get how to play it right.
	You can find find chord diagrams and explanations in the bottom of this page.

Verse 1:

C/G               Bb/F   C/G Dm/F
Adrift again 2000 man
You lost your maps,
             Bb/F   C/G Dm/F
You lost the plans
Did you hear them yell,
              Bb/F  C/G Dm/F
Land damn it land?
You say you can't
Well I hope you can
            G   Gsus2 G Gsus2 G Gsus2 G Gsus2
I hope you can


Verse 2:

C                   F*
How's it goin 2000 man?
C                                F*
Welcome back to solid ground my friend
C                               F*
I heard all your controls were jammed
C                                     F
Well it's just nice to have you back again

Verse 3:

Am Asus2 G
But I guess they still don't understand
Am Asus2 G
And they can never understand
Am Asus2 G
And they said go find 2000 man
Am Asus2 G
And they said tell him we've got new plans
But instead I'm here to tell you friend

[BASS LINE: F - Eb - D]

I believe they want you to give in

Verse 4:

Gm   |Gm   |Gm   |Gm   Gm11
D/F# |D/F# |D/F# |D/F# D7
Bb   |Bb   |Bb   |Bb   Bbsus2
C    |C    |C    |

C                       Gm
Are you giving in 2000 man?

Gm      |Gm      |Gm11 |Gm7
Eb      |Eb      |Eb   |Eb/D
Cm      |Cm      |Cm   |Cm
Dsus4/G |Dsus4/G |D*
Are you giving in 2000 man?

[Repeat verse 4, adding the following lines:]

(Did you love this world
And did this world not love you?)

D                  Gm
Don't give in 2000 man


                      CHORDS USED

Dm/F C/G Bb/F G Gsus2 C/E C F Am Asus2 G D E||---------------------------------|--0----1----0----0-----3----2----|B||--3----5----3----3----3-----1----|--1----1----1----0-----0----3----|G||--2----5----3----4----2-----0----|--0----2----2----2-----0----2----|D||--3----5----3----5----5-----2----|--2----3----2----2-----0----0----|A||---------------------------------|--3----3----0----0-----2---------|E||---------------------------------|-------1---------------3---------|
Gm Gm11 Gm7 D/F# Bb Bbsus2 Eb Cm Dsus4/G D* ------------1---------------------3----3-----------------------||--3----1----3----3----3----1------4----4-----------3--------3--||--3----3----3----2----3----3------3----5--------2--------2-----||--0----0----0----0----3----3------5----5----5---------4--------||----------------------1----1------6----3-----------------------||--3----3----3----2---------------------------------------------||
F* F F(b5)E||--1-(1)---1----||B||--1-(1)---0----||G||--2-(2)---2----||D||--3-(4)---3----||A||--3-(3)---3----||E||--1-(T)---1----||
To do this F* chord, instead of doing a full bar with your 1st finger, use your thumb (marked with T) on the low E string and use your 1st finger only on the 1st and 2nd strings. At the last bit before the chord changes, move your 1st finger away from the 2nd string. This chord is F(b5) [or F(b11), or Fdim5 or whatever]
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