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Grandaddy – Crystal Lake tab

Song:      The Crystal Lake
Artist:    Grandaddy
Album:     The Sophtware Slump
Tabbed by: Jason Mangan
Date:      7-3-2001

Chords Used: C F Am D7add9/F# Dm G A# G#e|--0----1----0-------0------1----3----6----4--|b|--1----1----1-------1------3----3----6----4--|G|--0----2----2-------2------2----4----7----5--|D|--2----3----2-------0------0----5----8----6--|A|--3----3----0-------0------x----5----8----6--|E|--x----1----x-------2------x----3----6----4--|
Intro: |C | |F | |Am | |F | | (x2) 1st Verse: C Should never have left the Crystal Lake D7add9/F# The parties full of folks who flake, Dm Italian leather winter games F G Retired by the Duraflames. Pre-chorus: C The Crystal Lake, it only laughs, D7add9/F# It knows your just a modern man, Dm It's shining like a chandelier, F A# Shining somewhere far away from here. Chorus: G# A# I've gotta get outta here (x3) G# F G I've gotta get outta here G# And find my way again. C (intro) I've lost my way again. 2nd Verse: Should never have left the Crystal Lake For areas where trees are fake, And dogs are dead with broken hearts Collapsing by the coffee carts. Pre-chorus Chorus Outro: |C | |F | | (x10) |C | The End.
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