Grandaddy - El Caminos In The West tab

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Date:  November 9, 2003

Song:  El Caminos in the West
Artist:  Grandaddy
Album:  Sumday
Tabbed by:  Tony López

I just love this song!!!


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Intro G Cm G Cm F Bb Eb F Ge|-------------------------------------------|B|------4---------4--------(3)--(8)-(10)-(12)|G|-4----5----4----5----2----3----8---10---12-|D|-5----5----5----5----3----3----8---10---12-|A|-5----3----5----3----3----1----6----8---10-|E|-3---------3---------1---------------------|
Verse G Em Bm G C Am C De|--------------------------------------|B|----------(3)-------(5)--(1)--(5)--(7)|G|(4)--(0)---4---(4)---5----2----5----7-|D|-5----2----4----5----5----2----5----7-|A|-5----2----2----5----3----0----3----5-|E|-3----0---------3---------------------|
Chorus Am D G Em Am D G G7 Am D G Em Am De|--------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----(7)-----------------(7)-----------------(7)-----------------(7)|G|(0)---7---(4)--(0)--(0)---7---(4)--(4)--(0)---7---(4)--(0)--(0)---7-|D|-7----7----5----2----7----7----5----0----7----7----5----2----7----7-|A|-7----5----5----2----7----5----5----5----7----5----5----2----7----5-|E|-5---------3----0----5---------3----3----5---------3----0----5------|
Play the Intro after the chorus and at the end. A lot of the chords are just sustained, but you can strum your own patterns. Just listen to the drums. They help. That's it! Just repeat what is needed.
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