Grandaddy – Summer Here Kids tab

			     Summer Here Kids - Grandaddy
Tabbed by: Kaptin Ukraine

Tuning: Standard

Note:  This aint perfect, I can tell there is more dissonance goin on, but I play the
this way on my acoustic and it sounds pretty decent.  It’s pretty much based around 16th
that is to say, I am not gonna type out the rhythm, you may have to hit a chord or note 
times than written!


Here’s the scale run they do, on th’ ivories or somethine|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-14--13--11--9-------------------------------------------------------------|G|----------------11--10--8--6-----------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Here’s a way to incorporate that scale run into the rhythm chords (if yer playing it alone!)
Verse: C#5 B5 After she lets you glide around A5 Finally hit the ground B5 Like a paper plane C#5 B5 Take a trip, join me in the sun A5 But not really though B Cause I ain't having fun Chorus: E5 Cause summer here kids B5 Summer here totally lies F#5 A5 B5 Tourist people said I'd have a good time E5 Summer here kids B5 All of them awful lies F#5 C#m A# A Tourist info said I'd have a good time *repeat intro chords Do as I didn't do because I'm a picture of indumbivivity Stay alone put a record on Listen to the songs Keep youself at home Cause summer here kids Summer here totally lies Tourist info said I'd have a good time Summer here kids All of them awful lies Tourist info said I'd have a good time C#m A# A (repeat) I'm not having a good time *End on E Chords Used: C#5: X466XX B5 : X244XX A5 : X022XX E5 : X799XX F#5: X244XX C#m: X46654 A# : 466544 A : 577655 E : 022100 Ha, well, that’s all I got, let me know whatchya think, k?
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