Grandaddy - Gettin Jipped tab

::Verse I::
A                  D                A               
go home mom and go home to your cop
                     D                     E
you made us all feel weird you should just stop
A                   D              A
as soon as he takes off you appear
                           D                E        
with your one-year old and half-can of flat beer

::Chorus I::
D                   E
you bought into the thought

that believin' in 
A                     F#m
somethin' is a lot of shit
well that's unfortunate 
  E                    A       A/Gs
i guess you're gettin' jipped
D                   E
you bought into the lie

that the truth don't 
 A                     F#m
apply to you and never did
well that's unfortunate 
  E                    A       
i guess you're gettin' jipped

::Verse II:: (same as ::Verse I::) well i got skipoles and i'm on my horse and you on pills, all weird wearin' gym shorts and my horse and i are gonna find your man and let him know he's gotta a fuckin' freak on his hands ::Chorus II:: (same as ::Chorus I:: except...) ...on last "i guess you're gettin jipped", play: E A i guess you're gettin jipped E A i guess you're gettin jipped E A i guess you're gettin jipped E F#m D A i guess you're gettin jipped
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