Grandaddy - Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake tab

Band: Grandaddy
Song: Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake
Tabbed by: IgorAFI (

I think its a really cool song I think Grandaddy is a great band.
I saw them with Saves the Day.. well I got the electronic part from the song and here it is
Regular Tunning

Intro/Verse - too many timese-15-14-12-----------------------------------12-12-14-15-B----------15-14-14-12--------------12-14-15-------------G----------------------14-12--12-14----------------------D--------------------------------------------------------A--------------------------------------------------------E--------------------------------------------------------
after he says 'Its Magic' its like:e-------------------B-------------------G-------------------D-5-4-2-------------A-------5-3-3-2-----E---------------5-3-
Repeats everything And the end thing is
e-------- e---3---3-3/15-B-------- B--------------G-------- x3 then G--------------D--5-5--- D--------------A-------- A--5--5--5-----E-3-3-3-- E-3--3--3------
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