Grandaddy – Saddest Vacant Lot In All The World tab

Okay, so this is another piano-based song, which means this is imprecise.  But I think 
a pretty good approximation.  Some of the chord names are probably wrong, but take a look 
the chart below to figure it out.

Intro: ( F     F/E     F     F/C )  x2

F     F/E    D5   D5/C
She's in the kitchen,
Bb     Bb/A   Bb/G
Crying by the oven
   Bb         Bb/A    Bb/G
It seems she really loved him

He's so drunk he's
Passed out in a Datsun
That's parked out in the hot sun
       Bb      Bb/A   A             D5  Bb D5  Bb
In the saddest vacant lot in all the world, world

Transition: (once each) Bb  Bb/A  Bb/G

Boldly going
Where he rarely knows
But he'll miss her when he goes

What a shame
As she drifts out of reach
While he's still drunk asleep
In the saddest vacant lot in all the world, world

Chords: (focus on lower strings)

F F/E F/C D5 D5/C Bb/A Bb/G Ae|---8-----8-----8-----0-----0-----1-----1-----------0------------|B|---10----10----10----3-----3-----3-----3-----------2------------|G|---10----10----10----2-----2-----3-----3-----3-----2------------|D|---10----10----10----0-----0-----3-----3-----3-----2------------|A|---8-----7-----8-----------3-----1-----0-----0-----0------------|E|---------------8-----------------------------3------------------|
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