Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - The Adventures Of Flash On The Wheels Of Steel tab

Artist: Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five
Track: The Adventures Of Flash On The Wheels Of Steel
Tuning: Standard
Tabbed by: Tomsk

This is the retro 70s disco funk line arranged for guitar that you can hear on the track at 4:07.
I'd use some effects pedal if you want to recreate the sound.

e|------------------------------------------|B|--7-4-4-7-6-4-----4-6-4-4-6-7-4-4----7-4--|G|-----6-------6---------6------------------| X 4D|------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------|
I know it's not really a solo, but it (U-G) said it was too small to be a 'whole song'. Thanks, checkout my bass tab for this song too.
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