Grant Nuss - Deeper Beyond The Sky tab

Truly awesome, truly South African contemporary rock!
Intro:   F	Bb [x4]	Gm	C	Gm	C

F		 Bb        F                  Bb
Snuggled by the fire glow, as we try to keep warm
F             Bb     F                    Bb
You and I together, seems weíre in for a storm
F                      Bb     F                Bb
Must be the cruellest winter, as the snow sets in
Gm            C    Gm                     C	Csus 
You and I forever, Just like itís always been

                              F     Bb     C
 Chorus:	Each day we fall
                           Bb      F    Bb  C  Bb            F   Bb   C
		A little deeper in love		  a little deeper
                 Bb              F    Bb    C
		This timeís for sure
                           Bb       F   Bb   C   Bb
		A little deeper in love
                         F   Bb  C  Bb      F    Bb   C
		A little deeper, deeper in love

Feel the harmony grow, the sun shines through the rain

You and I seek shelter, helped me find my way again

The melody that sets me free, living there in your heart

Youíre the music in me; our song was born to last


Solo:  F	Bb   [x6]    Dm C   Bb	

                C          Dm   C    Bb
Bridge:	        So tell me how, how, how
                   C                 Dm    C    Bb
		How I could love You more
                      C     Dm    C       Bb
		And let me know, know, know
                          C         F	Bb	C    Tacet
		Know Iím Yours for sure

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