Grant Nuss - Beyond The Sky tab

I found this tab at
and I added the lyrics to it; if that makes this tab illegal, please go ahead and take 
down. Otherwise, the guy who tabbed this goes by Lo Ruhamah. I
made a change on verses 2 & 3; where the first A's are, it used to be a G, which didn't 
as awesome. Enjoy.

Song: Beyond the Sky
Artist: Fernando Ortega
Key of: B

Verse 1
B		E
One morning, When time is done
B	       E	   A
Bright heaven, Will be our refuge
    E		     F#     E
The city of God most high

Verse 2
B	    E
I long for, That holy day
This longing
A	     Em
Sometimes it captures my heart
   			A     F#sus F#
And carries me far away


B          E	G#m	   B2   B
Beyond the sky, Beyond all telling
    C#2         A       B           E   Ebsus Eb
Our Father himself Will be our light
    G#m       E            B        C#2
His arms will hold us, And with his hands
He'll wipe away the tears
F#                    B       E
  That stain our eyes

Verse 3
B	       E
When darkness, Falls over me
B		A         Em
This promise, It's like a fire inside
	   	  A       F#sus F
Burning the dark away


Repeat B, E...
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