Grarge - Bible Salad tab

From the album Bible Salad.

Intro:e|--5p3p0--------5p3p0---------5p3p0---------||--5p3p0--3p2p0-----------|B|---------0h3h5--------0h3h5--------0h3h5---||---------------0h2h3h5b--|G|-------------------------------------------||-------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------||-------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------||-------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------||-------------------------|| ^something like that^
Verses:e|--7----7----7--\\\\\------------|B|-----7----7---7\\\\\\-----------|G|--------------------------------|D|--------------------------------|A|--------------------------------|E|---------------------------*\*--| this part is played by 2 guitars on the CD. for the high notes, use a slide, and the thing on the low E string is a slow scratch on the 1st fret neat the nut.
Once again, these are the basics & the songs are almost always played differently except for the basic riffs the songs are based on. (official GRARGE! site)
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