Grateful Dead – Weather Report Suite Part Ii Let It Grow tab

This is really complicated to read at first, I had trouble with the original one, on 
site as just 'Let it Grow'.... you can see that I've given most of them their correct chord 
and all of them better chord diagrams.

However, the sound is perfic once you crack the code.

C C/G D/A A7 Dm6/F Bm7|--------------------------7---||-8---8---10----5---6------7---||-9---9---11----6---7------7---||-10--10--12----5---9------7---||-----10--12----0---8------9---||--------------------------7---|
A* Esus2/B B D A Em C(2)|------7--------7--5--5-----7---3---||-5----7--------7--7--5-----8---5---||-6----9--------8--7--6-----9---5---||-7----9--------9--7--7-----9---5---||------7--------9--5--7-----7---3---||------7--------7--5--5-----7---3---|
Bm D* C(3) G(2) D(3) G/D A/E|-2---2---8-----10----10------------||-3---3---8-----12----10------------||-4---2---9-----12----11-----4---6--||-4---4---10----12----12-----5---7--||-2---5---10----10----12-----5---7--||-2-------8-----10----10------------|
G* Dsus2/A Csus2/G G|-----5--------3-------3--||-----5--------3-------3--||-7---7--------5-------4--||-9---x--------x-------5--||-10--7--------5-------5--||-----5--------3-------3--|
C C Dm6/F Dm6/F Morning comes, she follows the path to the river shore. C C Dm6/F Dm6/F Like the sun, her song is the latch on the morning's door. C C/G See the sun sparkle in the reeds; C C/G Bm7 D/A Silver beads fasten to the seeds. D/A D/A A* A* She comes from the town where she's known as the woodcutter's daughter, A7 A7 D/A D/A She's brown as the bank where she kneels down to gather her water, D/A D/A Bm7 She bears it away with the love that the river has taught her. C C C/G Esus2/B Let it flow, let it flow, wide and clean. C C Dm6/F 'Round and 'round, the cut of the plough and the furrowed field C C Dm6/F Seasons 'round, the bushels of corn and the barley meal C C/G Broken ground, open and beckoning C C/G Bm7 D/A To the stream, black dirt live again! D/A D/A A* A* The ploughman is broad as the back of the land that he's sowing A7 A7 D/A D/A As he dances the circular track of his plough ever knowing D/A D/A Bm7 That the work of his days measures more than just the planting and growing. C C Dm6/F Esus2/B Let it grow, let it grow, let me heal. -CHORUS- Esus2/B B D A Em What shall we say, shall we call it by a name? C(2) G Bm As well to count the angels dancing on a pin. Esus2/B B D A Em Water bright as the sky from which it came D A Its name is on the earth and takes it in G D* Em D It will not speak but stand inside the rain. C(2) G Bm Em Listen to the thunder shout C C C/G I am, I am, I am Esus2/B I am. -INSTRUMENTAL (follows chords of first verse once through) *then* C C Dm6/F Dm6/F So it goes, we make what we make since the world began, C C Dm6/F Nothing more than the love of woman, and the work of man. C C/G Seasons 'round, creatures great and small, C C(2) Bm7 D/A Up and down, as they rise and fall D/A C(3) G(2) D(3) (play twice as long as D/A, Rise and fall. then continue the pattern of the last three chords for a while until)... C C C Dm6/F (repeat three measures of C, one measure Dm6/F another while until) ... G/D A/E G*(jam on this for awhile, then) Dsus2/A A Csus2/G G(2) (repeat 4X) Esus2/B Esus2/B
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