Grateful Dead – Overseas Stomp chords

Grateful Dead 
Overseas Stomp

Standard Tuning. 

Great song, I think you should hear the 1964-07-08 version when they were still 
called the Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions. 

The chords are played on the Grateful Dead-album recording with an alternating bass, you can play it like that if you want.Like this: C A7e|--(0)--(0)--(0)--(0)--(0)--(0)---|B|---1----1----1----1----2----2----|G|---0----0----0----0----0----0----| etc...D|---2----2----2----2----2----2----|A|-3---------3---------0-----------|E|------3---------3---------0------|
CI know they're gonna run to me
A7When they get across the sea
D7 GEvery chance to win when Washington lands in France
(silence) All safe for now sugar baby Oh mama don't you weep and moan Uncle Sam got your man and gone Now they're doing the Lindy Bird across the sea (intro is played here) Oh mama how can it be You went way across the sea Just to keep from doing that Lindy Bird with me Oh baby well I done told you now You should have seen me with my uniform on I could Lindy just as sure as you're born And then I'd do that Lindy Bird with you (intro) I asked her for a piece of banana She said let me play the blues on your piano And then I'll do that Lindy Bird with you She said she had a dream about a submarine I asked her for a glass of kaola She said let me play the blues on your victrola And then I'll do the Lindy Bird with you (intro)
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