Grateful Dead – Eyes Of The World chords

This is from, but I've added the fingering for the chords...

Emaj7   X79897
B       799877
Bm      799777
A       577655
C       X35553
C#      X46664
C#m     X46654
D       X57775
Dsus4   X55785

Emaj7   B   A

Emaj7 A Emaj7 A Emaj7 Bm ARight outside this lazy summer home
Emaj7 A Emaj7 A Emaj7 Bm AYou ain’t got time to call your soul a critic, no
A C#m B ARight outside the lazy gate of winter’s summer home
C#m B D AWonderin’ where the nut-thatch winter’s wings a mile long
Emaj A Emaj7 A Emaj7 A CJust carried the bird away
G C G CWake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world
G C G C C#But the heart has its beaches, its homelands and thoughts of its own
D C G CWake now, discover, that you are the song that morning brings
G C D Dsus4 D Bm ABut the heart has its seasons, its evenings and songs of its own
Emaj7 A Emaj7 A Emaj7 Bm AThere comes a redeemer and he slowly too fades away
Emaj7 A Emaj7 A Emaj7 Bm AThere follows a wagon behind him that’s loaded with clay
A C#m B AAnd the seeds that were silent all burst into bloom and decay- ay
Emaj7 A Emaj7 A Emaj7 A CAnd night comes so quiet it’s close on the heels of the day
Emaj7 A Emaj7 A Emaj7 Bm ASometimes we live no particular way but our own
Emaj7 A Emaj7 A Emaj7 Bm ASometimes we visit your country and live in your home
A C#m B ASometimes we ride on your horses, sometimes we walk alone
Emaj7 A Emaj7 A Emaj7 A CSometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own
INTRO RIFFE----7--7---7--7----5------I-----------------------------------|B----9--9---7--7----5------I-----------------8--6--5-----------|G----8--8---8--8----6------I------------5-------------7--7--5--|D----9--9---9--9----7------I-------5^7-------------------------|A----7--7------------------I---7-------------------------------|E--------------------------I-----------------------------------|
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