Grateful Dead – Wharf Rat tab


Asus2 Old man down, Em Asus2 Way down down, down by the docks of the city. Asus2 Blind and dirty, Em Asus2 Asked me for a dime, a dime for a cup of coffee. Em D Asus2 I got no dime but I got some time to hear his story. My name is August West, And I love my Pearly Baker best more than my wine. More than my wine - More than my maker, though he's no friend of mine. Everyone said, I'd come to no good, I knew I would Pearly, believe them. Half of my life, I spent doin' time for some other fucker's crime, A D A The other half found me stumbling 'round drunk on Burgundy wine G D G/D D A D G/D D But I'll get back on my feet again someday, C G C G D Dsus4 D The good Lord willin', if He says I may. Asus4 A Em I know that the life I'm livin's no good, Asus4 A Asus2 A A7 Em I'll get a new start, live the life I should.
Em I'll get up and fly away, Asus2 I'll get up and fly away, fly away. Pearly's been true, True to me, true to my dyin' day he said, I said to him, I said to him, "I'm sure she's been." I said to him, "I'm sure she's been true to you." Got up and wandered, Wandered downtown, nowhere to go but just hang around. I've got a girl, Named Bonnie Lee, I know that girl's been true to me. I know she's been, I'm sure she's been true to me.
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