Grateful Dead - Cold Jordan tab

Greatful Dead
Cold Jordan

	A				  A 			
Oh sinning is a gentilized journey, take Jesus as your daily guide
	    A	    	        D	 C		           E
Though you may feel pure and saintly, without Him walking by your side
      A					   	A			
But when you come to meet that crossing at the end of his pilgrim's way
	A	    	     D			A	    E	    A
If you ever will need your saviour, you'll  surely need him on that day


		  A			  E    A
Now look at that cold Jordan, look at its deep water
	      A    D          A                E     A
Look at that wide river, oh hear the mighty billows roll
		A		       E    A
You better take Jesus with you, he's a true companion
         A      D                  A	    E        A
Oh I'm sure without him that you never will make it home


That awful day of judgement is coming in the by and by
We'll see our Lord descending in glory from on high
Oh, let us keep in touch with Jesus and in the special love of God
And may we ever be called ready when he calls us over Jordan's tide

CHORUS: Oh look at that (A) cold jordan....

G			  D    G
Now what you gonna do, oh what you gonna say
G 		 C    G             D          C      G
Oh how you gonna feel when you come to the end of the way?

**be sure to pluck and strum to lengthen the chord**
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