Grateful Dead – Friend Of The Devil tab ver. 2

[G]I lit [G/F]out of [G/E]Reno [G/D]I was [C]trailed by [C/B]twenty [C/A]hounds [C/G]
[G]Didn't [G/F]get to [G/E]sleep that [G/D]night 'til [C]morning [C/B]came a[C/A]round [C/G]

[D]Set out running but I take my time
[Am]Friend of the Devil is a friend of mine
[D]If I get home before daylight
[Am]I just might get to sleep tonight

I ran into the Devil, babe, he gave me twenty bills.
Spent the night in Utah in a cave up in the hills

I went down to the levee but the Devil beat me there 
Took my twenty dollar bills and vanished in the air


[D]Got two reasons why I lie awake each lonely night
[C]First one's named sweet Ann Marie and she's my heart's delight
[D]Second one is prison bait, and the Sherriff's on my trail
[C]And if he catches up with me I'll [Am]spend the night in jail

Got a wife in Chino, babe, and one in Cherokee
First one says she's got my child but it don't look like me

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