Grateful Dead – Here Comes Sunshine tab

C                                  Bb         Dm  C  G  C
Wake of the flood, laughing water, forty-nine,
Get out the pans, don't just stand there dreamin',
Bb            Dm C             G  Am7  E7/B
Get out the way, get out the way.
Am   Bb    C  G      Bb   Dm    F  G     F/G  Em/G  Dm/G  C
Here comes sunshine, here comes sunshine.
Line up a long shot, maybe try it two times, maybe more.
Good to know you got shoes to wear when you find the floor,
Why hold out for more?
Askin' you nice now, keep the motor rollin' one more time,
Been down before, you just don't have to go on no more, no more.
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