Grateful Dead – Rosemary tab


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Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 14:29:45 -0800
From: Insane Carnation 
Subject: Chords to "Rosemary" by the Grateful Dead

Here are the chords to the Grateful Dead's song "Rosemary".
Lyrics by Robert Hunter/Music by Jerry Garcia.
From the album "Aoxomoxoa".
Chords figured by Insane Carnation.

Upon listening to this song the lyrics are fuzzy due to the wonderful 
filter on the vocals, giving it that creepy haunting sound.  i have found 
no less than three different "official" words to the first line, some 
funnier than others.  "Swath of heaven..." to (what i hear) "Scents of 
heather...", the one here is from Hunter's book _Box of Rain_.  That, to 
me, is the final word, aye?
	i also found that the chords listed in a certain music book are 
very close, but not exact.  Perhaps neither are mine, but here they are.
As always, corrections are welcome...

E (7th fret)		   D (5th fret)
Her boots were of leather, a breath of cologne
A		   Bm	       A	 E	
Her mirror was the window, she sat quite alone.
E		   F#	
All around her the garden then grew
A	    Bm	       A	   E
Scarlet and purple and crimson and blue.

E			     D	
She came and she went and at last went away
A	       Bm	       A       E		 	
Her garden was sealed when the flowers decayed.
E			    F#	
On the wall of the garden a legend did say:
 A	    Bm	      A		       Bm
"No one may come here since no one may stay_____."
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