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Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 23:07:06 -0400
From: Michael Nocera 
Subject: g/grateful_dead/run_for_the_roses.crd
> "Run for the Roses"
> from album of the same name by Jerry Garcia Band
> 1978
> transcribed by M Nocera
> (intro/chorus)
> A    D    A   G
> Run, run, run for the roses.
>     A          G         D
> The quicker it opens the sooner it closes.
> A       G       D
> Man, oh man, oh friend of mine,
> A        G         D   A
> All good things in all good time
> (d  u  d  u  d  u  d  u)
>  A  B  A  B  A  B  A  B
> (verse 1)
> E               A                      D  A  E  A
>   Reach for the sun, catch hold of the moon
> E                    A                      D  A  E  A
>   They^Òre both too heavy, but what can you do?
> F#m              E                     D  A  E  A
>   Reach for the stars, smack into the sky
> E                   A                        D
>   You don^Òt want to live but your chicken to die
> F#m         E          D	.hold D
> Ooh, you're chicken to die
> (chorus)
> (verse 2)
> E               A                        D  A  E  A
>   Run for the money, caught short on the rent
> E       A                       D  A  E  A
>   Big ideas but the cash is all spent
> F#m                E                 D  A  E  A
>   The trouble with love is its other face
> E                   A                          D
>   You just want the cup but you don't want the race
> F#m           E           D.	hold D
>    No, you don't want the race
> (chorus)
> (verse chord pattern jam)
> (chorus chord pattern jam)
> (verse 3)
> E               A                       D  A  E  A
>   Reach for the rose, get caught on the briar
> E                   A                          D  A  E  A
>   You're warming to love, next thing there's a fire
> F#m                  E                     D  A  E  A
>   If you've got the "do-re", I've got the "mi"
> E            A                    D
>   I've got a notion, we're all at sea
> F#m     E            D.	.hold D
>   Yes,  we're all at sea
> (chorus 2x)..end
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